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Make The Phone Ring Again
Automating the Personal Touch


 Why does this program really work?
Let the Loken Group tell you why:

Apology Letter/Reconnect Letter

The Brand Plan (8x8 & 33 Touch)

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HOW to Automate the Personal Touch

be sure to watch "Your Database is a Lead Goldmine" first
or this webinar may cause your brain to explode

Power of a Handwritten Note

See the Note up close

Did you read about the power of a handwritten note?
Here is one more Mastery Tip:
Increase the impact of your handwritten note by not using the words, "I", "me", "my" in your note. Make the note about THEM! Talk about how great it was to talk with them. Talk about their personality...or something about them. When you tell someone how great they are and point out personality traits you like about them, they will love receiving the note, and they will remember WHO sent the note.


This is our NEW IMPROVED Follow up System!
Today is more of a Relationship Based world
than a Marketing world
(see the video "The New Marketing World" to the left)

We have been using this plan since 2003 and it has generated an average of 100 sales per year for 10+ years running. The secret is that we did not focus on "who" to put in the database...we just put everyone in the database. The reason is that National Board of Realtors statistics have shown the average person moves every 5-7 years. That means out of the next 100 people we meet, approximately 20 of them will move this year. Twenty more will move next year, and so on. This plan was developed as a generic follow up system for everyone you meet every day that is not a FSBO, Expired, Potential Buyer or Seller. This plan is for everyone else AND when you just focus on adding 5 to your database every is pretty simple to do. This plan has been improved to include more personal touches. The more personal the touch (and blast mailing and email campaigns are no where near a personal touch) the more return on investment you will get from that relationship. This is were the true 12:2 return ratio (mentioned on pg 187 of  the Millionaire Real Estate Agent) comes in. For every 12 people you get into relationship with and market to consistently and persistently, you will get 2 pieces of business. That means for every 120 people you know, you will have 20 transactions.

8 in 8 Follow-up Plan

            DOWNLOAD: Incredible 8x8 Follow Up System (Publisher File)
            DOWNLOAD:  Incredible 8x8 Follow Up System (Adobe Acrobat File)
            8x8 Plan from The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller

33 Touch Follow-up Plan

We add approximately 5 people a day, EVERY DAY, and follow up the 8x8 drip with the 33 Touch plan. We have these plans set up in our database under the campaigns/action plans. Everything is automatic once we input the prospective client into the database. No matter who we meet we send a hand written note, then follow up with 8 contacts in 8 weeks. At the end of the 8 weeks, we then keep in touch with them through 33 contacts a year...every year. forever!

            DOWNLOAD:  Incredible 33 Touch Follow Up System (Publisher File)
            DOWNLOAD:  Incredible 33 Touch Follow Up System (Adobe Acrobat File)
            33 Touch Plan from The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller

Why the Consistent Persistent Drip Works is MORE Free information to help you get your database in order
Series of Short 5 Minute Video Tips


Your Database is a Goldmine
 Agents, like you, are realizing how automated action plans are working to manage your contacts! Just by implementing simple follow up systems, they are closing on business they would have missed. The phone is literally ringing again from their database. One particular result from this plan is a real estate business generating 2-3 listings per week for over the last 7 Years and the plan was taken directly from pages 133-148 of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent based on the
4 Laws of Lead Generation:
 1. Build a Database
 2. Feed it Everyday
 3. Communicate with it in a Systematic Way
 4. Service All the Leads that Come Your Way

This Home Study Course will help you get 1, 2 & 3 automated so you can deliver on #4

BETA Home Study Course: We are launching our Home Study course for all KW Family Reunion attendees. Would you like to take this course from the comfort of your home or office, AND take the course when it fits in your schedule? We are offering a 50% discount AND follow up group calls with Coach Korn as you are going through the course material to help you get these systems implemented. We want your feedback and help to make this the course you GET IMPLEMENTED....and we are offering you a 50% on the entire MTPRA Home Study Course. Help us help you make this the most incredible investment you have ever made in your real estate business.

16 Hour Course: Make The Phone Ring Again

What will you put into action? This 16 weeks gives you the Step by Step process and accountablity follow up to stay engaged in the course and get the 3 Pillars of Follow up implemented in your business. These 3 Pillars are the MONEY MAKING automated plans that will Make Your Phone Ring Again.

Session 1: Getting the right mindset is CRITICAL for anyone to get through the next 15 calls. PLUS in this call we will give you the tool that will help you add 5 people to your database every day.

Session 2: What database should I use? Wait till you hear the real answer! Follow the suggestions in this session and you will have a database you "LIKE"

Session 3 thru 6: Pillar #1: Creating and implementing your Reconnect Plan

Session 7 thru 8: Pillar #2: Creating your Brand Plan with a consistent 8x8 follow up

Session 9: Prepares you to handle all the action items that will be showing up in your dashboard

Session 10: Using Social Media to connect and feed your database every day

Session 11: Specialized and Niche Brand Plans to increase your connection with specific target groups

Session 12: Pillar #3: The consistent, persistent 33 touch plan that will get your real estate business off the roller coaster and get a consistent persistent business flow.

Session 13 thru 14: How to handle your new system and the business growth you will experience, and keep the systems running

Session 15 & 16: Recap the entire course to help you connect all the dots and see how it all fits together for the ultimate business machine

****Limited Seating on Beta Group****
note: the course is not in beta, we have had over 500 agents take this course.
It is the home study portion you will be working with Brad on to create an accountability system
that helps you implement more of the systems.

Get Your Database System in place NOW before the Summer Season hits.
Click below TODAY to save your spot for this special, one time beta opportunity
to work with Coach Korn and turn your database into a GOLDMINE

Regular $597 ... NOW only $297 for all Family Reunion Attendees
(until session gets too large for one on one feedback)

Don't worry if you are not ready to commit to the BETA Test. We have more FREE Stuff for you!

****Remember: You have this FREE Resource Site
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Much of this is the same as what is available on this page, however you will get to experience the actual Korn Team 8x8 Drip campaign that use use every day in our 
Kansas City & Lincoln, NE Real Estate Business
(feel free to copy and use anything you want from this plan)
 There is one more registration page to complete,
however we only need your email this time :)

ALSO: We will notify you when we will be releasing more opportunities for you to sign up for this course once we get feedback from the Beta Group and ensure you have the a killer plan and course of action for implementation.

Coach Korn's MTPRA Home Study Program


Our home study coaching program gives you exclusive access to improve your contact management system from developing the right mindset to mastering language patterns to turning your database into a GOLDMINE!

This coaching program was created to increase your profitability to prepare you for our exclusive coaching options and includes powerful group calls to help you master specific areas of your business.

These calls are high energy and designed to drill down to the specific topics that you consider most critical to your success.

Make The Phone Ring Again Coaching Calls are now available for you to take as fast or whenever it is convenient for you to focus on your database. This course consist of SIXTEEN one-hour sessions that will help you implement a plan that can get you on a path for 8 times more business (the MREA 12:2 return). 

We have a new platform and new format! Take the course when it is convenient for you to sit down and focus ON your business. Watch the course as many times as necessary to keep you on track and continue to work through the entire MTPRA course. This is the year for YOU to get these systems implemented. Join the hundreds of MTPRA clients that are finding business they were missing AND adding 5-10 times more business to their bottom line.

This Home Study Webinar format will help you grasp and implement the information and begin to enjoy the rewards of a systematic approach to managing your database.

Regular $597 ... NOW only $297 for all Family Reunion Attendees
(until session gets too large for one on one feedback)

****Remember: You have the FREE Resource that has everything you need to start this system yourself***
no thanks, I will wait on the Beta Group, Take me to MORE FREE Stuff
Much of this is the same as what is available on this page, however you will get to experience the actual Korn Team 8x8 Drip campaign - There is one more registration page to complete however we only need your email


There are no holds or cancellations with Group Coaching.


Make the Phone Ring Again!
(mastering your 8x8 & 33 touch)

Next Session is being offered as a Home Study Course (with personal focus groups with Coach Korn to help you get these systems implemented)
In this home study, you get Sixteen, 1 hour sessions.
Grab Your Seat Today

Coach Brad Korn
Start benefiting from persistent, consistent, relationship based drip system, and not even feel as though you've done any work!

MORE Options to Get Your Phone Ringing TODAY!

We have been listening to the top agents who are going through the MTPRA course, and we have even more solutions for you to turn your database into a Goldmine. We have already helped a handful of agents get these plans running right away, and they are experiencing explosive growth.

In Office: 1 or 2 Day System Implementation with Brad Korn

We will not only set up your Reconnect, 8x8 and 33 touch systems for you and each of your team members, we will also start your action plan to Reconnect with your entire database AND we will go through an intense process of determining YOUR "Perfect Systems". This includes everything from New Listing to Contract Plan, New Buyer till Offer Accepted Plan, Contract to Close Plans (for both buyers and sellers) and any other custom plans you may need in your business like, Affiliate follow up plans, Realtor referral plans, New Construction plans, Commercial Plans, and any other plans you would benefit from automating. Understand this is Brad Korn coming to your office for one or two days giving you one on one consultations AND actually creating the plans so you have a "Done For You" system before Brad leaves. This investment should yield you a 5-10x's return over the next 6 months. There is very limited space for this offering, and time will be scheduled on first come first serve. Brad only has 10-12 spots available. Reserve Your Spot Today. This option will disappear from this site once Brad's calendar is full.

***This program is perfect for a small or large team that is extremely busy, and would benefit from having your team on the perfect lead capture and follow up, YESTERDAY

1 Day In-Office Implementation (individuals or small teams)

One Day, one on one with Brad Korn $3,997 plus airfare & hotel

2 Day In-Office Implementation (individuals, small teams and large teams - of more than 4)


Tow Days, Systems Creation Session and one on one with Brad Korn $5,997 plus airfare & hotel

Become an Expansion Partner with The Korn Team

Can't make that investment right now? Have you heard of Team Expansion?
Brad is now offering an opportunity for you to partner up with us in YOUR business. You might qualify to become part of our expansion family and have Brad take over your database, action plans, and the managing of your Database so you can focus on what you do best... talking to people and meeting people. Complete request form to see if you qualify.

***This program is perfect for someone that has been stuck around 30-50 transactions and wants to ramp their business up to 100-150 transaction per year, yet you just don't have the investment available to take advantage of the 1 or 2 day system implementation and would like to bring The Korn Team in as a partner in your business.

Send an email to with the following information: How many years have you been in real estate? How much volume & transactions for 2014? What was your GCI? and your approximate "Net".

"5 a Day" Plan and eEdge (or any database you will use)

This is a 4 part series

Part 1: 16 minutes

Part 2: 16 minutes

Part 3: 16 minutes

Part 4: 04 minutes

Past Mega Camps

Brad has built a nationally recognized Real Estate Team over the past 21 years. "Managing, running, and building a real estate business has been like starting a Fortune 500 company" brad says. In the past he has done a lot of things wrong, learned from those mistakes, and overcome all the challenges of running a successful, profitable business.

Now he brings that experience to you. Through Executive Coaching, you can Stand On the Shoulders of Giants! and have Quantum Leaps in your business without going through the Trial and Error stages.

Brad will Teach, Train and Coach to your or your teams' personal needs, however he has personal experience on several topics:

*Your Database is a GOLDMINE! You can double your business right now, and it is right in front of you. Brad has created a 16 week Fast Track Course, Mastering Your 8x8 & 33 Touch. This course will help cash in on the Millionaire Real Estate business models and get a 12:2 return from your database.

*Hiring and running a Team: How do you truly get "buy-in" from everyone on the team

*Systems, Systems, Systems: Brad will help you automated your business, your day to day activities, and your entire operation & accountability. The right systems free you up to focus on your 20%.

***and of course, with the John Maxwell certification, you will see the teachings of John Maxwell throughout all the material.

Coach Korn
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