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Brad Korn is a mega agent who has studied and mastered a majority of the principles from many of the greats like Michael Gerber of Emyth, Gary Keller and Millionaire Real Estate models & The One Thing, Jeff Olsen and The Slight Edge, Seth Godins' Purple Cow and Cialdinis' Influence. He has not only studied, he has implemented, tracked and tweaked and merged the wisdom of all of these world renouned authors material into a business that runs like a machine. Brad is well known throughout the real estate and mortgage industry from coaching, speaking and training on hundreds of webinars and live events and conferences. Brad takes his coaching and training seriously and has been through extensive training in presenting and coaching earning national certifications allowing him to bring incredible value to any size audience.


Is it time to make a change?

Where is your Business Today?

Where Do you Want it to Be?

What is the GAP?

How Are You Going to Fill the GAP?

Where Can a Coach Help you Fill the GAP?

Let Brad help you take your business to the next level